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Software Version report, selects up to 10 applications and compares versions installed on Administrator computer with a group of OS X computers.
Remote Desktop: Computer Info #1, Computer Info #2, Computer Info #3, Computer Info #4.
Backup: Journaling Capable, Journalled, Last Backup Date, Last Check Date.
Devices: ATA Device Count, Firewire Device Count, Keyboard Connected, Mouse Connected, Optical Drive Type, scsi Device Count, USB Device Count.Results can be copied back to the administrators computer, opened on remote computers or deleted.AirPort: AirPort Active, AirPort Firmware Version, AirPort Hardware Address, AirPort Locale, AirPort Type, AirPort Installed, AirPort Network Channel, AirPort Network in Range, Computer to Computer, AirPort Network Name.Volume: Creation Date, Disk Name, File Count, Folder Count, Total Disk Space, Free Space, Startup Disk, unix Mount Point.Ethernet Statistics: Ethernet Alignment Errors, Ethernet FCS Errors, Ethernet Single Collision Frames, Ethernet Multiple Collision Frames, Ethernet SQE biglietti lotteria capodanno 2016 Test Errors, Ethernet Deferred Transmissions, Ethernet Late Collisions, Ethernet Excessive Collisions, Ethernet Internal MAC Transmit Errors, Ethernet Carrier Sense Errors, Ethernet Frames Too Long, Ethernet Internal MAC.Display: Monitor Type, Monitor Depth, Monitor Resolution, 2nd Monitor Type, 2nd Monitor Depth, 2nd Monitor Resolution.Scheduling, schedule for specific date and time.FireWire Devices report, manufacturer, Model, Device Speed, Software Version, Firmware Version.Application Usage report, shows which applications have been used on remote systems, the number of launches, duration of the launch and who executed the launch.Modem: Modem Country, Modem Driver, Modem Firmware Version, Modem Installed, Modem Interface, Modem Model.
PCI Card report, card Name, Card Type, Card Memory, Card Revision, Vendor ID, Device ID, ROM Version, Slot Name.
Network Interface report, network Overview: Name, Active, Primary, Configured with, Hardware Address, Interface Name, Flags.
USB Devices report, product Name, Vendor Name, Device Speed, Product ID, Vendor ID, Bus Power Amps.Active Interface: Domain, Router Address, IP Address, Broadcast Address, DNS Server, Subnet Mask, IP Addresses, Broadcast Addresses, DNS Servers, Subnet Masks.Create as many scanners as you need and configure each to search particular areas of your network Create computer lists to organise the system however you wish by model, location, or department, for example Review or reuse tasks using list of previously executed tasks Allow.Output Statistics: Output Queue Capacity, Output Queue Size, Output Queue Peak Size, Output Queue Drop Count, Output Queue Output Count, Output Queue Retry Count, Output Queue Stall Count.Software: Kernel Version, System Version, storage: Free Disk Space, Total Disk Space, Trash Size.Network: First Ethernet Address, NetBooted, Primary IP Address, Primary Network Collisions, Primary Network Flags, Primary Network Hardware Address, Primary Network Input Errors, Primary Network Input Packets, Primary Network Output Errors, Primary Network Output Packets, Primary Network.Sharing: Computer Name, File Sharing, FTP Access, Remote Apple Events, Remote Login, unix Hostname, Web Sharing, Windows Sharing.Storage report, hardware: Drive Manufacturer, Drive Model, Drive Revision, Drive Protocol, Removable, Serial bonus xi 18 anni Number, Logical Unit Number, Detachable.Software Distribution Package installation Install single or multiple packages remotely on a group of OS X systems Install packages.pkg and.mpkg formats Schedule for specific dates and times Detect whether a package requires a restart Restart computer upon completion of installation or at a later time.System Overview, computer: Active Processors, Available User Memory, Boot ROM, Bus Clock Speed, Bus Data Size, CPU Speed, Serial Number, Vector Processor, L2 Cache Size, L3 Cache Size, Machine Model, Memory, Empty RAM Slots, PCI Slots Used, Processor Count, CPU Type, Sales Order Number,.File System: Disk Format, Owner, Group, Permission Modes, Permissions, Write Access, Modification Date, Case Sensitive, Preserves Case.0,99, magic 2014 Unfinished Business Deck Key 0,99, magic 2014 Unfinished Business Foil Conversion 0,99, magic 2014 Bounce and Boon Deck Key 0,99, magic 2014 Bounce and Boon Foil Conversion 0,99, magic 2014 "Dodge and Burn" Deck Key 0,99, magic 2014 "Dodge and Burn" Foil.Software Difference report, compares applications, fonts and installed packages on Administrator computer with a group of OS X computers.